About Us


PS Fitness Studio is a 10,000 sq. ft. boutique fitness studio in the RGV, offering top-quality, effective personal training sessions to individuals who are serious about their health and fitness goals!

We are fitness professionals, not body builders! Whether your goal is to shape your body, increase endurance, improve in your favorite sport or just be as healthy and functional as possible, we will design the program that is perfect for you! Our studio gym offers a large amount of amenities along with a built in Protein Shoppe! Meaning once your workout is done, you can pick up your latest supplements and even a post-workout protein shake or fresh veggie & fruit juice!

Being PS Fit isn’t just a state of body, it’s also a state of mind, so drop the excuses and give everything you’ve got. Dare to dig deeper. Jump higher. Move faster. Lift heavier. Meet the challenge head on and earn every inch of the change.

It’s your workout, so make it count.


PS Fitness trainers are not your average gym people. Their vast knowledge of health and fitness accompanied by years of experience working with a diverse clientele, has brought them to us. With their help you’ll achieve more than you ever dreamed possible.


PS Fitness Studio can help create a food program tailored to your needs & goals. A plan that works perfectly with your exercise program for supercharged results, because working out is only one piece of the puzzle. We know what goes in to your body, has to help fuel it too.